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Explore Tanzania, wonderful safaris, exploring the culture
and history of the country and its people



DiscoverTZ.com is a Tanzanian-owned and operated, unique safari company, your knowledgeable guide in discovering all the riches of Tanzania, from the natural beauty of its landscape, wonders of its wildlife and warmth of its people. We will travel with you through this amazing once-in-a-lifetime journey. We are knowledgeable guides, exceptional animal trackers, and fluent in English, Italian, French and Swahili.

Why DiscoverTZ

Our company is unique in its focus on customizing your travel experience to perfectly suit your interests. If your interest is wildlife photography, nature exploration, or just relaxing in an amazing environment while being well looked after, we will do our utmost to design the perfect holiday for you and your family. We welcome diversity and have enjoyed hosting couples, family groups, sometimes with younger children, teenagers and older, less agile travelers. With DiscoverTZ your group will enjoy an amazing Tanzanian safari experience.


To begin, first please take time to consider what you truly hope to experience during your trip. Your answers to these questions will help us design and propose an itinerary for you.



  • Do you wish to spend time seeing all the various birds of Tanzania, or are you primarily interested in the bigger animals? Or all of the above?
  • Is a rich cultural experience important to you? A local school visit and Maasai visit?
  • Do you love to photograph nature? Are you willing to wait  in one place observing for longer periods for the perfect shot?
  • Is light important to you that you prefer early morning or late afternoon game drives, or a combination?
  • What are the ages of your travel companions, and what is the state of health of the individuals in the group?
  • How many days would you like to spend in total?
  • Do you want to include a visit to one of the islands of Tanzania? Is privacy and unspoiled nature more important, or do you just want to relax on a warm beach?


Traveling in Tanzania offers many options through widely different programs, experiences and accommodations. Tanzania has numerous national parks and reserves, a wealth of animals and you will be amazed at the vastness of the Serengeti, the natural wonder of Ngorongoro crater, the animals of Tarangire and Manyara.  We plan visits to some of the most remote and undisturbed locations which afford exceptional animal viewing and authentic cultural experiences, while maximizing your precious time.

At DiscoverTZ.com we offer Superior or Luxury custom programs. Depending on high or low season, your program will always include your private car with driver/guide, all airport transfers, park fees, Superior accommodations, meals and drinks approximately $390 – $450 per person per day, double occupancy required.

The distances are great between parks so one alternative is to fly, which would be considered a Luxury program as it will also include short domestic flights, your private car with driver/guide, all airport transfers, park fees, luxury accommodations, most locations also provide a private butler, all meals and drinks approximately $950-$1,100 per person per day, double occupancy depending on the season.


We at DiscoverTZ.com are proud to work with Asante Africa, an outstanding NGO which focuses on youth development, education and leadership training.

We commit to annually donating a share of our profits in support of their work. We are committed to improving the lives of young people in our country and take great pride in giving back.


There are many less expensive tour operators that offer set itineraries, lower standard accommodations, often shared safari vehicles and shorter trips to the most frequently visited, more crowded sites.

As a boutique, luxury safari company, however, DiscoverTZ.com is not able to provide the superior level of service and exclusive experiences on which we pride ourselves at a rate competitive with the these. Nevertheless, we warmly welcome all travelers to Tanzania. Karibu sana (you are most welcome – Swahili)