DiscoverTZ.com is a Tanzanian-owned and operated, unique safari company, your knowledgeable guide in discovering all the riches of Tanzania, from the natural beauty of its landscape, wonders of its wildlife and warmth of its people. We will travel with you through this amazing once-in-a-lifetime journey. We are knowledgeable guides, exceptional animal trackers, and fluent in English, Italian, French and Swahili.

Why DiscoverTZ

Our company is unique in its focus on customizing your travel experience to perfectly suit your interests. If your interest is wildlife photography, nature exploration, or just relaxing in an amazing environment while being well looked after, we will do our utmost to design the perfect holiday for you and your family. We welcome diversity and have enjoyed hosting couples, family groups, sometimes with younger children, teenagers and older, less agile travelers. With DiscoverTZ your group will enjoy an amazing Tanzanian safari experience.